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Caseload organization

on August 2, 2014

So while I am absolutely thrilled about switching from middle/high school to elementary, it means that all the work I did on my caseload at the end of last year is null and void — I have had to start all over.  As I was working on this last week I thought what a great topic for my blog.  My process is probably a little redundant, but it works for me.  The first thing I have is an excel spread sheet, this one in fact from Lauren Morrison on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT).


I think I added an additional three columns for the minutes because I do direct and indirect minutes.  I also think I added the Eligibility column.  What I like about it is that it is very easy to read and has all the important information.  I also like that the “next AR” column adds a year and a day to give you the exact date you need on the IEP.  It took me a while to find a spread sheet that I liked and this one is great!

The next thing I do it then copy some of that information into a word document that I can print out and carry with me or hang by my calendar.  It is available on my TpT store here.  It has the student’s name current review and when their eligibility date is due, as well as their therapy minutes.  I try to have all my students relatively the same amount of time, but that is not always possible to do.  I found that I would forget that I had changed one student’s time and not update it so I was seeing them more (or less) than I was supposed to.  Having the print out made it easier to remember and I update it and reprint about once a month.

The last thing that I do it create a data collection spread sheet.  The one I use is currently unavailable as the author is testing the new version for the 14-15 school year and has not released it yet but I will make a follow-up post as soon as she releases it.  It’s from The Speechstress, her other products are amazing too.  Go check her out.

Anyway, the data tracker has four sheets within it.  The first is an basic information and data collection list.  It also has a spot to write out the goals.  I like to copy and paste directly from the IEP just so I know exactly what I’m measuring.


The next page is a goal accuracy page that shows the goals again and then has an overall goal accuracy box and a month by month box.


The third page shows attendance and if the minimum number of minutes was met.  Awesome!


And last but certainly not least the last page has graphs of the data by month and for each goal.  For a graph junky like me this is pure gold!


As you can see this is the 13-14 version so I’ve had to tweak some of the dates to give you a good example of how the tracker works, but the 14-15 version is promised to be out soon.

Anyway that’s my caseload organization, it took me all last year to figure it out and I’m excited to start the school year with this already in place.  Much less scrambling and general fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (ing).

Until next week!


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